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Birmingham School of Elocution

Elocution has come of age! Gone are the images of stuffy Victorian drawing rooms! My method of teaching elocution is the science of speech training. Based upon my own post-graduate research into speech and linguistics, I have established a quick and easy way to give anybody confidence in speaking and communication.

Today’s world is highly competitive and it is vital that professionals and those who seek to further their careers, gain the vital skills in communication. Accent Reduction - the Birmingham School of Elocution teaches adults a fast and effective way to reduce or soften their accents. My approach to elocution will transform your speaking voice and increase your confidence.

The Birmingham School of Elocution also offers children’s classes. Children from 8 to 16 years of age are taught to develop a confident and clear speaking style – and to gain LAMDA communication certificates - recognised by universties!

The Birmingham School of Elocution provides one-to-one speech training session to adult clients. Children’s classes are available on weekends and evenings.

Introducing Dr Robin Wooldridge

Dr Robin Wooldridge has been involved in teaching privately since 1993. A graduate of a leading London university, he completed his postgraduate certificate and diploma in English Linguistics and then read for a MA in English Linguistics. He continued his postgraduate research into linguistics with an American university and a university based in the Middle East who awarded him an EdD in English and English Linguistics.

Robin holds LAMDA Gold Medal Public Speaking (Distinction), LAMDA Gold Medal Speaking of Verse and Prose (Merit), LAMDA Certificate of Merit Reading for Performance (Distinction). He holds the Licentiate of the National College of Music in Public Speaking. He was awarded the Licentiateship of the Victoria College of Music in Speech and Drama Education and the Licentiate in the Teaching of Speech, with Honours. In 2007, Robin passed the Fellowship examinations of Victoria College with Honours. This is the highest level Diploma that can be awarded.

In addition to teaching speech and voice, Robin is a member of the adjunct Faculty of an overseas university. He is also an advisor to a number of colleges and educational institutions in the UK. He has also been a visiting tutor of a UK university as well as being a GCSE Literature examiner for a national examining board.

Dr Robin Wooldridge has CRB enhanced clearance.

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