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Speech & Voice Coaching


Is your career being held back because:

  • Some find your accent is too strong and have difficulty understanding you?
  • You lack confidence in Spoken English?
  • Your presentations are ineffective?
Many of us have acquired the way that we speak and have received no formal instruction in speech or voice. We speak in a manner similar to those around us – complete with errors in both diction and style. We may be unaware of the faults in our voice until these are pointed out to us. This can lead to lack of confidence.

A clear speaking voice and correct pronunciation are vital in today’s modern world. Confidence in spoken communication is important for those seeking rapid career progression.

I offer high quality tuition in all aspects of speech and communication. Every aspect of speech is taught:
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Vocabulary building
  • Accent reduction
  • Correct breathing
  • Public Speaking
Essentially, the lessons will address the following specific points concerning speech: correct vowel pronunciation, correct consonant pronunciation and modulation. Modulation refers to the pitch, pace and pauses of speech. Together these form the very basis of good speech.

All clients are given lessons notes and are instructed in a range of vocal exercises designed to improve aspects of speech.


Lessons can be ‘tailor-made’ to suit your own requirements.

Continual Professional Development

Although not compulsory, you may like to take the opportunity to work towards and enter examinations in speech. The examinations require no written element and are taken locally. The certificates will be tangible proof of your newly acquired skills. I currently prepare students to take the examinations of LAMDA, National College of Music and Arts (Est 1894) and Victoria College of Music (Est 1890).

Subjects available:
  • Speaking of Verse and Pose
  • Reading for Performance
  • Spoken English
  • Public Speaking
Adult Tuition

I offer individual tuition for adults. Lessons last 60 mins.

Small group fee by negotiation.

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