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Customer Comments

I had a great time at the sessions we had and I would like to thank youfor being such a patient and excellent teacher!I really learnt a lot from you and the cd's and worksheets you providedhave proved invaluable.Its one of the best things I have ever done with regards to my selfimprovement and I cannot thank you enough!!My voice has definitely changed and my accent has softened so much thateveryone has noticed. On air I sound a lot more confident, betterspoken and I have slowed down a lot, my boss has noticed the differenceso I can't complain....THANK YOU!!!
Local Radio Presenter

I am an International Coordinator / teacher at a secondary school in Birmingham. I primarily attended Robin's class for help with public speaking but realised that it was accent reduction also. At the time I wasn't so sure that this was what I was looking for. However, having attended the classes realised that they were both equally important and very much instrumental in any public speech.

The classes were most informative and I learned a great deal from the lessons and activities undertaken. On occasions, we were made to venture out of our comfort zones, but again this was all relevant. Robin and other fellow students were always extremely supportive. Robin is a true professional and I would recommend any student to attend his classes - they will certainly not be disappointed.

I was not the most punctual/reliable of students and if I'm honest, found it difficult to get to classes every week due to work commitments - he was always professional and enthusiastic in his teaching and approach. I had to deliver a speech to an audience of 100+ including some International visitors. I approached Robin and his help proved to be invaluable. He took the time to add/amend/recommend/change and even add some humour, without any involvement whatsoever in the project - for this I was truly grateful, this was one the most successful of all the speeches I have delivered. I would almost certainly contact him in the future should I feel I need help and I am confident that he would be willing and able.

I no longer attend the classes, however will most definitely return to the classes should my workload reduce or the classes become closer to home. My sister-in-law also contaced him and he helped her immensely with interview techniques.

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